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About Us

BBS-BitsBytes and STEM | About Us

Welcome to BBS-BitsBytes & STEM, your Online self-paced video IT Tutorial College. BBS-BitsBytes and STEM is a global online learning platform, which connects students and instructors from all over the World. Our platform offers a plethora of academic and IT video courses which cover the most in-demand fields such as cyber security, software development, web development, systems and network administration as well as Artificial Intelligence and high/secondary school self-paced video classes.

On the academic side, BBS-BitsBytes & STEM offers two types of online self-paced video tutorials to High School / Secondary School students, in the following STEM subjects, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Combined Science and Biology at both O and A Levels as well as Computer Science at IGSCE or O Level. In addition to the above-mentioned academic subjects, BBS-BitsBytes & STEM also offers self-paced tutorial videos in the following language subjects, Ndebele, Shona, English and Swahili or KiSwahili. BBS-BitsBytes & STEM academic courses are very useful resource and crucial for those students who would want to learn from highly qualified and seasoned Tutors as well as for those students who would like to supplement their knowledge through attending Extra Classes, in preparation for their examinations. We have an incredible team of highly educated, competent, knowledgeable as well as experienced Tutors, who have delivered or are going to be delivering all these foregoing courses and many more.

The other types of tutorial videos which are offered by BBS-BitsBytes & STEM are Technology based and cover various Information Technology – IT or Information and Communications Technology – ICT ) ranging from Computer Programming or Software Development covering some of the most popular programming languages like, Java, Python, C, AI – Artificial Intelligence, ML Machine Learning. BBS-Bits-Bytes & STEM also offer self-paced training in  Systems Administration for Windows, IBM Servers, Linux, Unix Servers. We shall also provide videos covering tutorials in Database Management Systems like SQL, Oracle and MySql. In addition, we shall also have video tutorials covering, CyberSecurity, CISSP, IT Security, Security +, A+, Network + and Networking. CCNA – CISCO Networking Technology courses covering switches, routers etc, are also going to be made available, among the courses to be offered by BBS-BitsBytes & STEM.

Our self-paced video courses are designed for individual subscription by students, after successfully enrolling and paying for their courses. Enrolled students have the latitude of logging into their BitsBytes & STEM account at anytime of their choice as well as choose whichever video of their choice, from their course content, in any order,for as many times as they wish for a period of 365 days or 1 year.

Once the students have fully subscribed for their courses, Tutors shall be monitoring their progress, by way of quizzes, which they will be giving the students to work on and complete. At the completion of the course and the accompanying quizzes, students shall be awarded Certificates of Completion and these Certificates shall only be awarded to students who are taking IT or ITC courses and not the Academic courses.

Students enrolled in the academic courses shall have to register with an appropriate examining body for their course curricula eg University of Cambridge, ZimSec etc.

If you still need more information before joining our community, please get in touch with our team.

How to take a course

BitsBytes and STEM  has various courses you may be interested in. Browse our course dirctory and choose a course of your choice.

We have professional instructors ready to support you during the course. Our couses are delivered in the form of videos, document, audio and Zoom sessions.

How to register as student

Subscribe as a student in order to enroll for a course. A student can access free courses and free partial course units depends with the course.

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How to become an instructor

To become an instructor you be offering a valuable course which goes through the approval process BBS representatives before the courses goes live.

When your course get approved, students will be able to enroll and start taking courses and you start earning commission for course sold via our website.

Get started as an instructor today. 

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